Baking is more than putting some things together and putting it in the oven. It is a passion and a way of life for some. This is true of Scratch Bakeshop. A place that expresses the heart of two young women who are simply following their dreams. They want to make great desserts that bring a smile to their customers’ faces. Any baker knows that to be able to make great desserts, it calls for a great recipe and great ingredients.

 Kate and Molly are two of the main ingredients to satisfy any sweet tooth. One could say they are like yin and yang. Their personalities complement one another in a way that brings out the best in each other. Any good relationship expert would agree that a sign of a healthy relationship is when the influence of a person creates an atmosphere of security for the other to thrive and become who they are meant to be. Molly is more soft-spoken and reserved versus Kate’s outgoing and open personality. Molly likes colors, sparkles, and glitters. Kate likes neutral and simple things.

With their differences, they learn to use them to their advantage and see them as strengths. Molly has a culinary degree and dreams of wanting to own her own business. She has tried before but fear keeps her from following through. Along comes Kate, who has the same dream and vision. It gives them the push they both need to finally follow through with their dream. As their business grows, their differences continue to strengthen their business. When it comes to designing a website or baked goods, Kate may like the neutral but she knows something is missing. Molly throws in her two cents, and it’s the pizzazz that it needs. It goes vice versa as well, where Molly’s idea might be a little over the top and Kate brings it down a bit.

Kate and Molly are two of the ingredients that are needed, but there are plenty more to make this a success. Another key ingredient is perseverance. Molly has a culinary degree and is working at a bakery. Kate has a textile degree and is working at a downtown restaurant. When life doesn’t turn out exactly the way they imagine it, they don’t let that get them down but forge a new road for themselves. With the dream of opening their own bakery, they both work full time jobs while working endlessly to make their dream come true. Whether it’s losing sleep to meet deadlines, baking pro-bono, or finding out that the first name they have chosen for their bakery has been taken already. They take it one day at a time with an end goal in mind.

The goal is having a bakery that is friendly to any diet yet still in trend with the constant changes of the culinary world. With that said, Rochester couldn’t be a better city for Kate and Molly to start their business. This brings us to the final ingredient, a city that is open and accepting to entrepreneurs like them. Rochester has a huge market for local businesses that brings the community together. They have been very accepting of Scratch Bakeshop with open arms. People have been pouring in with orders and support through a successful Kickstarter fundraiser and viral support through media like Facebook and Instagram.

With all these great ingredients, the recipe is simple. It is to follow your heart and chase your dreams. No baker is ever sure what the final product will look like. There is no way to predict the final outcome. There are so many changing variables that could affect the final result like temperature, quality of ingredients, humidity, and humans. Yet every time they put a batter recipe into the oven, they hope it comes out like they imagined. This is true of Kate and Molly. They are putting their hearts and soul into this business hoping for the best. From the look and taste of it, I think they have a pretty sweet recipe and ingredients for the best possible outcome.

Scratch Bakeshop
133 Park Ave
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 204-7226


  1. Molly and Kate are two of the sweetest ingredients and make Scratch Bakeshop the success it is!